From Hard times, to a clothing line. 

“It was while I was experiencing a very dark and lonely period in my life, that I would find myself sitting for hours. Alone in a room, with only my thoughts. No Television. No Radio. No Ringing Phone. No one else. Just me sitting there and my mind racing. Wondering about my place in life. My purpose in life. I began obsessing over one of the many questions that I had after being turned away several times, by people that said they loved me and would be there for me, if I ever needed them. Unfortunately, when the days came that I did need them, their door was not open, and their love was not available, or at least it didn't show up. It was then, that my world seemed to become colder, darker, and more lonely than ever. Many will say "Just pray about it," and trust me, when I say I did! I prayed  for many days & many nights, I prayed, cried and wondered “WHY?” “Why can’t we all just come TOGETHER  and help each other RISE to the next level?”  and somehow i realized, THAT QUESTION, was actually, my call to action. To promote a proliferation of positive energy and togetherness, throughout the communities of the world, and fashion will be the train, in which I will use!  (Together Risin’ Equally And Lovin’it™)  -Terry W. Dudley II, Founder/ C.E.O.

"T.R.E.A.L. your LIFESTYLE!™"